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Published on September 26th, 2017 | by lawilink



Catch me from overhead I’m greener than the color of a American bank note,yes,I’m called the mother of nature. I never needed luxurious infrastructures for my rumors to spread across the world,but the beautiful lakes and rivers,the thick forests and the tall mountains within me remained my pride.
with the hunter-gatherer populations dwelling deeper in my bosom.
I never knew cars,I never new garments,I never knew towers and when the rain strikes,the giant trees and the curves inside me were their places to hide.
Then like a gypsy you came in the name of civilization.
Trading my people with gun powders.
while en slaving my equals like damn soldiers.
Yes,like a gypsy you came in the name of civilization.
Taking my proud men abroad through the deadly atlantic passage in chains.
You villains,you hypocrites,I thought you came to teach the Bible.
You snatched the liberty I granted my people like a high jack situation.
Leaving me left with nothing but scars with broken memories,and when I try to remember how jolly I used to be seeing the kids dancing in the moon light?my heart crashes and submerges into a deep ocean of weeping like a Titanic ship.

Apologies, for I did not introduced myself. I am one of the continents on planet earth,that once known fertile before they introduced poison to my precious natural soils.
As my tall mountains use to protrude into the sky,glancing at the giant stormy oceans that separated me from the so called foreign lands,but sadly,they came and dismantled them all in search of the treasures beneath them.
Leaving me bare like a done over grazed small piece of land.
My name is Africa,*THE MOURNING AFRICA*.
They told me they came to sweep off my feet without blooms.
They told me they came to educate my people.
Yes,they told me they came to save me from darkness,
I should have known they were monsters,because they lied they come to say GOOD MORNING AFRICA

My curve dwellers never knew guns,but bows and spears for hunting animal not man!
Until you came with your dirty trade with intentions of suffering me with my black race more than you did to “sumer in mesopotamia”.
Leaving the young ones starving,for you snatched their bread winners.
Telling kings the guns were a part of the so called civilization you promised them to their people,
Now why are they killing each other with the same weapon?
You chopped holes so big through my chest that keep growing with such a burning pain every time my thoughts travel back “to when the kins men used to gather children for folk tales in the moonlight”.
To when men were able to vagabond up and down the villages in the midnight.
I remember the time when hunger was only in the young mans imaginations,”a scary beast from grandmothers folk story” they called it,how come its swallowing my black race like metaphors?
My people use to burn sacrifices every year in thanks giving for the plenty rainfalls,plenty harvests hence plenty foods everywhere,but sadly you transfixed them to what their ancestors can not recognize.
Leaving their lands fruitless like a old lady on menopause.

Yes,I gave my nations freedom of expression,freedom of intentions,with so many rights to them,but not” freedom of dressing”!
I gave my black nations kingdoms,of who’s reign was according to loyal bloods and loyal bloods only,but sadly you told them to adapt a democratic leadership all in the name of Renaissance.
“You declined me”.
I gave my black people culture and traditions to follow,robes and animal skins to wear,but you came to Demise it.
(Sighs),”you declined me”.
If it was just the Honey in me you wanted,couldn’t you have gathered it without cracking the “Beehive”?
Or if it was the surplus Milk within my “inside”,
Couldn’t you have drunk it all till it displaced your blood systems without killing the Livestocks?
I thought you were my brothers,I should have known I was a prey in your eyes.

I was a free minded continent before I heard of the “Ottoman wars” of the dark ages.
I knew Africa was the next victim,so I weeped for the black nation.
Then they came trapping my kings with the word civilization so they can delete tradition.
So they can traffic their people as slaves in exchange of some few coins.
Introducing a strange way of living,while dispersing despicable immoral freedoms.
while invading the culture I subjected them to.
I was an illiterate continent its true,but instead of bring only the education to my nations,you introduced alduttery social networks to them too.
So hail “Renaissance”.
For its purpose has been archived,now they call me “New Africa”.

I am the “Weeping Africa”.And this is my story.
Perhaps some things that I have cried out are those you never wished to hear,but sorry.
I could have come to express my hurts in person,but due to the economic fall down I’m facing,I chose to cry from “The Warm Heart of Africa”,Malawi.
Because though I have faced different oppressions and tribulations from different foreign nations?.
I have managed to sustain my Beautiful Lake here.
I still have them talking about my Beautiful Mulanje Mountain,My Chawe Inn in Zomba, as well as my Lake of stars,The Lake of Malawi.
Pay me a visit and you shall never return disappointed.
Because I still have my Liwonde National Park filled with different animal species.
All this in Malawi,a beautiful country with beautiful people who speak different types of speeches.

By Samflex Mcdowson
(Writers block)


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