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Persons with Albinism

Over a period of 3 days Lawilink was ask to on behalf of amnesty international to compile a series of images, surrounding persons with Albinism. Lawilink has been working with persons with albinism for over a year and the contacts with the local authorities and friends we made over that time helped a great deal. Lawilink had a team of 4 Eddah (producer), Ernest(director), Charlene (camera tech) & Zac(photographer/driver) the documentary video we filmed will be loaded soon but for now here are some stories and images. Due to discrimination and violence, we have decided not to add the locations of the shoots.

Some people think is right to harm others in a belief they will gain financially, due to the colour of a person’s skin. Since making Malawi my home I am often saddened and angered to see what one brotha or sista dose to another in the name of greed. But always moved by the strength of the brothas and sista that fight to change a mind-set, that view white skin as a way to gain wealth. As insane as it may seem there are people in this world that believe other people’s body parts can make them rich. Please forgive me for stating the obvious… if that were the case don’t you think all the persons with albinism would be rich? What give one human the right of life or death over another for personal gain? All that said here are a few images and stories of the form our brothas and sistas.

As a society we have a duty to care for and love all our family, together we can end the discrimination, to create a future Malawi that leads Africa, and the world. We are the warm heart of Africa!

Zac Darkes Ceo Lawilink


DATE:12 MAY 2016

Martha Chipeso

Martha chipeso is 21 years old, Martha left school in standard 2 after suffering discrimination & abuse from other students. The third born in a family if four children, Martha is the only child born with albinism in her family, both of Martha’s parents died when she was young. Martha grow up with her grandparents. Martha is not married, has 2 children Vincent and thokozani biswirk. Vincent is 7 years old; he is in standard 2 at namikango primary school while thokozani is 3 years old and does not go to school the father of the children does not help them.

Martha is living in extremely poverty it is very difficult for her and the children to eat. It is common for Martha to go without food for 3 days at a time. If Martha is unable to find piece work around the local village’s, Martha and her family do not eat.


DATE;12 MAY 2016


Alfed Chigalu

Alfred chigalu is 17, Alfred is the last born in the family of 4 children the only one born with albinism. Alfred left school in standard 1 because his class mates were mocking him. the parents of Alfred died when he was 8 years, he stays with the grandmother. Most of the people from his village isolate him because he was born with albinism, his friends openly verbally abuse him.

Alfred is asking the wishers to help him with skin lotion, polar glasses, soap, clothes, and any other items. robbers broke into their house and attacked him thriving to killing him for his bones, but the grandmother shouted for help the attacks ran away. Alfred was taken to the hospital over 3km from where he stays, he had to be carried dyeing and bleeding across country. Alfred is living in fear is never left alone at home. The people that attacked him have been found and they are now at Mulanje prison awaiting trail the police officers in the local area do what they and are vigilant to stop criminals but do need more funds to aid them.

DATE: 15 MAY 2016

Annie Alfed

Annie Alfred is 10 years in standard 3 at primary school. She lives with both of her parents in bangwe when she grows up she wants to be a nurse. Annie has friends both at school and at home they all love her. The don’t call her names her best friend is tiyamike gumunda, when going to school she goes with her friends most of the times, but some of some people from the community call her names and she does like that.


Annie’s mother is asking well-wishers to help her daughter with skin lotion, polar glasses, clothes, exercise books, school bag and any other thing because some of the things they cannot manage to buy them.



DATE: 15 MAY 2016
Mercy & Daniel Pangain

Mercy pangani is 8 years old while Daniel is 6 years old, they are both in standard 1 at primary school. Mercy is the first born Daniel is the second born in a family of 4 children. They live with their parents both of them have friends at school and at home. The go to school with their friends.




When the mother is going out she does not live the kids at home alone with what is happening, some of the children from the community call them names, the parents of mercy and Daniel are asking well-wishers to help them items like skin lotion, soap, polar glasses, clothes, hats, umbrella and many more, because they can’t afford to buy.



Harrison MkoshoniHarry and Harrison were born twins with albinism, 9 years of age they were both in standard 1 at school. Robbers broke into their house and kidnapped harry on the 18th February 2016 in the house there was the mother and the three children and the kidnappers injured the mother because the mother was trying to protect harry, at time Harrison had run away from the house going to the nearby houses. Harry’s head was found a week later near a trading centre in a river. Harry’s head was found by children, they called one of the elder person’s to see what they have found in the river. Harry’s head that was buried, the kidnappers have not been found, the police are still looking for them. The whole village lives in fear said the chief of the area. Harrison still asks about his twin brother he does know that his brother was killed. Harrison does go to school after this had happened when the mother is going to the field she does not live Harrison alone.
The mother is asking for well-wishers to help them because sometimes the stay without food for 2 days and not only that skin lotion, polarised sun glasses, clothes, hats, umbrella and much more.


DATE: 18 MAY 2016

Brighton Rashid wende wendeBrighton Rashid Wende Wende was 32 years old living with his family, Brighton was a business man, Brighton had seven children and two wives both of the wives have gone back to their parent’s homes.

Brighton Rashid wende wende had chest cancer and he was operated on 16 august 2015 at Queen Elizabeth centre hospital in Blantyre, after he was operated he was arrested at mangochi police station some people claimed that he had brought stolen brackets which was not true, he stayed 4 days in prison.

Brighton Rashid wende wende died on 3rd September 2015, after being arrested it is not clear how this contributed to his death. With what is happening with the PWA’s in the area, the parents of the late Brighton thought that it will be wise and safe to bury Brighton on their compound. The parents are still living in fear because they have another son who was also born with albinism and some people may try to dig up the bones of his brother.


BY Eddah Eleon Chiwanga

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