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Believers globally understand that God created man and woman and entrusted them with authority to rule the earth. God never created an albino, white or black person.  Even atheists likely share the same view that all people are equal in nature. Scientifically colour partitions are the result of human genetic mutations that to some extent are induced by environmental factors. Therefore it can be argue that all human colour stratifications are a man’s creation and have no place in the faculty of human origin.

Albinolism Advacate Campaign

Why should then man kill another man for riches if he/she critically understands the human dignity? In my view there is no distinction between us by nature. The fact is that we are all equal regardless of our colour disparities. Albinos hence must be respected and treated like any other human race. I appreciate Malawi’s concerted efforts in improving the life and security of people with disabilities. The 1998 Act of people with disabilities attests to the seriousness of our government in bringing equality and total protection towards our fellow special needs persons in the country. Of course there are various associations and service organizations that are doing commendable work in safeguarding the rights of these minorities. There is also a National Coordinating Committee that mobilizes all stakeholders to protect and uphold the rights of persons with disabilities.

However monitoring the current situation on the ground, can we proudly conclude that enough has been done to protect such minorities from all the demonic acts they endure on the daily basis? If it is something insidiously embedded in our culture, then it must be uprooted forthwith since it is undermining our human rights. There is a saying that goes “A society without cultural background is a defunct one”. But there is also another that says “Not all that glitters is sand”. The two wise thoughts are commonly used in our day-to-day living. The point in emphasis here is that not all cultural elements in our society are worth preserving as time pass by. The cultural beliefs that stir disturbance, confusion and threaten human life must not be accepted in our midst at all costs.

Albinolism Advacate Campaign

Today we are such a civilized nation compared to two hundred years ago when people behaved savagely. As the ‘Warm Heart of Africa” we must crackdown on all forms of criminal acts against albinos or any other victimized groups. Despite having vibrant initiatives, policies and acts in place but still there is need to do much more on the ground. It is my appeal to all the responsible associations, organizations and all Malawians at large to jointly stand up and fight for the rights of all people with disabilities. Let us all get down to the root cause of this disgusting belief and bring all culprits to book. Thumbs up to the Lawi-link for the great work of fighting and restoring hope and peace to the people with albinism, and other vulnerable persons in the country.

By Gervasio Ngumbira

Reference cited

The Constitution of the Republic of Malawi. Rev.ed. 2002

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