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By chisomo jb chikadya

Chambo fisheries, the largest bio flock tank farm in the world, have finally opened its doors for fresh fish market.

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The farm which is located in Blantyre’s Limbe area started its project in 2006 and was supposed to start selling the fish in December 2014 but delayed due to a number of challenges. One of the challenges being dying of fish due to lack of oxygen in the tanks. Chambo Farm has a capacity to produce 800 tonnes of fish per year.

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Lawilink team went to interview the company officials. In his remarks the company manager Abdul Kalisinje says they are so excited as the long-awaited project with an investment of $14 million (about K6.5billion) has finally opened. Kalisinje added that the company is also open to all Malawians who would like to appreciate how Morden fishing is practiced.

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“We have been waiting for this moment since 2006.The Company’s market is for everyone, either individuals or companies, because we are selling at both wholesale and retail prices. As the proudly Malawians we want the public and the world to appreciate that what we are offering is a world-class product. As the largest bio flock tank farm in the world, we are asking customers to come and buy the best quality Chambo that is kept in a well secured and Morden fish ponds”, he said.School Blantyre Malawi_3

Kalisinje expressed hope that the coming in of Chambo from Chambo Fisheries will help increase the supply of the product on the market, thereby helping in softening prices.

Chambo stock is the type of tasty fish found only in Malawi. Some of the fish weighs 500grams to 1kilogram and big in size. The opening of the fish farm comes at a time when Chambo fish is getting depleted in Lake Malawi due to over fishing. The moment Lawilink toured the farm, some well known restaurants, shops and Hotel owners were at the site buying the fish.

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The company is also constructing other fish ponds to raise different other species of fish.

Chambo Fisheries, owned by Pacific Group of Companies, was introduced in Malawi in order to preserve the much needed Chambo stock.School Blantyre Malawi_7

Watch the video of the full programme at Lawilink You tube channel.


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  1. silvester jambo says:

    its my hope that chambo fisheries also employ local malawians. my question is what are the qualification needed for Malawian citizen to get employed at this organization? its good idea to conserve our tilapias in lake malawi. good development.

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