Mbayani market is one of the shanty markets found just outside the town of Blantyre. The market, which caught fire in December last year, accommodates a lot of vendors, approximately about 700. When Lawilink team visited the market for interviews with some vendors, the vendors expressed some dissatisfaction on the condition of the market.
They said the market is too small also complaining that they do not make enough profits since they run small scale businesses like selling tomatoes, fresh vegetables and fish. The market is found near Mbayani Primary school. The school is one of the highly populated primary schools in the SADC region. It has about 20 thousand students. Despite this demand from the nearby school, the vendors still complain that most of the students come from poor families that they do not even buy anything from the market. Businesses that are found at the market include groceries, sale of second hand clothes, vegetables and tomatoes, welding and others that are small in nature. The customers complained of poor quality products found at the market. The vendors referred to this problem to lack of enough capital to boost their businesses. They are, therefore, asking the government and other well wishers for assistance inform of capital.


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